LIRA - Faces Database

How can you access the database?

The Lira Faces Database may be used free of charge by scientific researchers. In order to assure that only researchers can access the database, the users have to provide their academic e-mail address. The users who do not have an academic e-mail address may request access from the authors.

All the information provided may be used for non-commercial research purposes only, with a source cited. The database materials cannot be redistributed or published in a non-academic context.

About the database

The Lira Faces Database (LFD) was developed at the Laboratory for research of individual differences, University of Belgrade. The LFD contains photographs of individuals of Roma ethnicity that are intended for use in scientific research. Roma are the largest ethnic minority across European countries (Rosenfield, 2010) and the most universally discriminated against (EU minorities and discrimination survey, 2016). Apart from standard self-report measures, researchers can develop different indirect measures of anti-Roma stereotypes and prejudice. This database is intended to serve as a visual stimuli pool for such research.

The LFD provides high-resolution photographs of 60 individuals (30 women and 30 men) of Roma ethnicity, aged 18-35 taken against neutral background and without any additional identifiers (e.g. clothing, jewellery). Each individual was photographed with neutral, angry, happy, and sad facial expression, making a total of 240 photographs available. The photographs are available in JPG format. All of the photos were taken for the purpose of this project. The persons photographed received financial compensation and signed an informed consent allowing the use of their photos in scientific research.

For photographs of neutral facial expression, we provide the data about assessed prototypicality, attractiveness, and age of each model person. For photographs with emotional expressions, we provide the data about assessed emotional intensity and authenticity, along with the percentage of correctly identified emotion for each photo. A total of 249 psychology students from the University of Belgrade assessed the photographs.

About us

Laboratory for research of individual differences (Lira) is a scientific unit within the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

Using contemporary methods and techniques of data collection, the members and associates of Lira are conducting correlational and experimental research in the field of individual differences.

Lira associates are working on several lines of research.

Lira also works as a hub for a number of student-associates providing demostrational and practical lessons within several courses on bachelor, master and doctoral level of psychology.

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